Well the holidays are upon us here in December of 2017. This year has flown by and 2018 is literally weeks away!

Lately, I'm often asked "Dave, when is a good time to start thinking about selling my home in 2018."  My answer is always that it's never too early to Plan for Success. Selling a home and coordinating a purchase takes assessing, planning, creating a strategy, and executing it.  

We help families all year long to buy and sell homes and I've found that better planning and execution of that plan always equals a smoother transition from one home to another, and often a higher selling price on your current home.

Start HERE by finding out what your home could be worth in 2018. Then give us a call at 937-469-4798 to help you create a strategy and Plan for Success!

What will my home be worth in 2018?

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